New Investigational Drug Targets the Blood Vessels that Feed Cancer Cells!

Medarex Receives Milestone Payment for Investigational Antibody Targeting Integrin Receptors

2008-11-05, Source: Medarex, Inc.

Medarex, Inc. today announced that it has received a milestone payment of an undisclosed amount from its licensing partner, Centocor R and D Inc., for the completion of a Phase 2 trial of CNTO 95, a fully human antibody targeting the integrin receptors that are implicated in tumor-induced angiogenesis.

The CNTO 95 human antibody was generated using Medarex’s UltiMAb(R) technology. Medarex may receive future milestone payments and royalties should this product candidate progress to commercialization and achieve commercial sales.

Caregivers for Cancer Patients


  Caregivers’ Support is Critical  


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A diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming, stressful and frightening. Many people with cancer turn to spouses, family members and friends for support. The role of the caregiver can range from providing emotional support to researching treatment options to helping your loved one stay on their treatment plan. 

A survey of 150 cancer patients, conducted in May 2002, showed that virtually all (99 percent) patients said their support network of people was extremely or very important in helping them get through chemotherapy. The same amount agreed strongly or somewhat strongly that having people who care about them made them more motivated to get through chemotherapy and 95 percent said their support network was instrumental in helping them get through the serious side effects of chemotherapy.1 

If you are reading this, it is likely that someone you care deeply about has been diagnosed with cancer. You might be trying to determine your appropriate role. This information is intended to provide insight into some of the feelings, needs, questions and worries you might have as you move forward in your role as a caregiver in your loved one’s fight against cancer. 

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